No one should be left alone in a disaster!

Around christmas I got the opportunity to create a film for The Red Cross in Helsingborg. I was invited to an event they call language café, where they have different activities for people who are new to Sweden. Thank you Red Cross for letting me be a part of this excellent job you guys are doing!

Tine K Home at Drottninggatan 35

The restaurant Drottninggatan 35 in Helsingborg is a really cool place. They buy a lot of their interior from Tine K Home, and therefore Tine asked me to create a few images of the atmosphere at Drottninggatan 35 with the Tine K products. Of course I was up for that, and here are a few of the images.

Interview with brewski

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Marcus at Brewski Brewery. Now the video is done and here is the result, hope you'll enjoy it!

Italian evening at Stenströms

Yesterday it was Italian evening at the Stenströms Store in Helsingborg. I was invited to capture the evening through images. A lot of people and a lot of shopping resulted in a very successful night. Thank you Stenströms for having me, always a pleasure! We even squeezed in a tiny mannequin challenge, watch it here.

Christmas is coming!

The first snow has landed, and you can feel that christmas is near! Hillesdal Interior & Café therefore wanted me to come and capture the christmas feeling they had created. A lot of new stuff in the store, and also christmas inspired cakes to enjoy.

Drottninggatan 35, Queen Street’s Diner 2 Year Anniversary

One of the coolest restaurants in Helsingborg had their 2 year anniversary this weekend, and they asked me if I could create a film for that evening. And of course I was down to do that. It was an extraordinary evening with a lot of cool people and awesome food. I had a blast, and the video captures the evening very well, enjoy!

Tom O'Connor

Portraits are always fun to shoot. When my friend Tom told me that he was coming home from Australia for two weeks, I felt that I had to plan a shoot. He's a good model and got great style. You can watch some of the images below, enjoy!


A couple of weeks ago I posted about the BMW shoot I helped out on for my internship. Now the video is done, and available in BMW's online magazine. And also here of course, enjoy!

Stenströms inspiration

Last time I shot inspiration images for Stenströms, we shot them with white background. They turned out good, but this time we felt that we wanted the images to be "more alive". We wanted raw materials like wood or stone in the background. And I must say that I like these images a lot more than the ones we did last time.

Old barn

The other day I was invited to an event at Hillesdal Interior & Café. It was a fun night with awesome food and an overall cozy feeling. I was mostly there because they had renovated their old barn, and wanted a few shots of it. It was very dark, but the images turned out very well I would say. And the barn was really cool!

Film is not dead!

I recently bought my first 35mm film camera, a Canon AE-1 Program. It's very exciting to shoot analog, but frightening at the same time. You only get one chance. Today I got my first roll develop from when me and my friend Jesper went to Copenhagen, and here is the result. A lot left to learn, but still cool! 


Today my good friends at Stenströms Store in Helsingborg wanted me to come and shoot a few images for their newsletter. Always fun to visit their store!

ÅF in Riga

This weekend I was asked by ÅF, a swedish consulting company, to join their trip to Riga, Lathvia and capture the entire trip. They were over 2000 people going, so it was a lot to capture. I was shooting from breakfast in the morning to parties/dinners in the evening. But it was a blast, I had so much fun. Thank you ÅF for letting me be a part of your fantastic journey as a company! Here are a few moments from the trip. 

Division 2!

Hittarps IK invited me to capture when they won the league and secured the contract for divison 2 next season. They won the game with 12-0 and the celebrations could begin.


PWC Helsingborg hosted a networking event that I attended the other day. We went bowling and of course I brought the camera. Super fun event with a lot of new friends.

Riverton Hotel

This weekend I've been shooting an "inspiration film" for Riverton Hotel in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was 2 fun days with a lot of good footage and new friends.

Helsingborg Marathon

To shoot Helsingborg Marathon was super fun! So many happy people, not just the runners. The crowd was amazing and the volunteers did an exceptional job. Here are a few of my images from the race.

Alexandra + Aedan

It's always hard when family members get married. They want you to feel as a guest at their wedding, but at the same time you want to deliver best possible images. I would say that I did good this time. Of course I made sure I get the pictures that I wanted, but I felt more like a guest throughout the day than the photographer. Thank you Alexandra and Aedan for an amazing day, it was fun to take on to rolls in one wedding!


Two of my close friends just started a project called Foodgeekz. They are two swedish sisters who cook simple, clean and healthy food. They asked me to shoot a couple of dishes for them, and I would never turn down a chance to eat awesome food! 

Here are a few shots, hope you enjoy.

Linn + Markus

I love shooting weddings! Everyone is so happy, and that makes me happy. Just be able to capture all these joyful moments throughout the day becomes something surrealistic to me. Love is probably one of the highest achievements in life, and this day is all about celebrate love!

This day it was all about Linn and Markus. We started of the day with portraits in Ljunghusen, and thereafter we went to Slättarps Gård outside of Malmö to have the ceremony, dinner and party. Thank you guys for a perfect day with a lot of happiness!